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Baka Beyond Videos

Baka Beyond
Baka Beyond
Live at
Edmonton Folk Festival
Live at Ethnoambient

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Bellowhead Videos

Whiskey is the Life of Man
New York Girls

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Black Umfolosi Videos

Gumboot Dance

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Ray Bonneville Videos

Reckless Feeling
When I Get To New York

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Còig Videos

Còig Studio Session

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Guy Davis Videos

Goin' Down Slow
Waiting on the Cards to Fall
(Guy Davis and Levon Helm)

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De Danann Videos

De Danann
De Danann Promo Video

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Goitse Videos

Ye Lovers All
The Burst Togs

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The Henry Girls Videos

The Henry Girls
The Henry Girls
The Ol' Cook Pot
(official music video)
The Weather
(official music video)

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Shane Howard Videos

If The Well Runs Dry

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James Keelaghan Videos

2009 Ottawa Folk Festival
Cold Missouri Waters

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Claire Lynch Videos

Hills of Alabam

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Gordie MacKeeman & His Rhythm Boys Videos

Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys
Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys
Promo Montage 2012
TD Sunfest 2015

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Tony McManus Videos

Tony McManus
Tony McManus
Live at the 2014
Celtic Colours Festival
The Sleeping Tune /
Na Gossidich

Moulettes Videos

Glorious Year
Lady Vengeance
(Live in Paris)

Oysterband Videos

Everywhere I Go
Native Son

Quartette Videos

Down at the Fair
Where Love Lies

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Martin Simpson Videos

She Slips Away
In the Pines
(where the sun never shines)

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Skipper's Alley Videos

Steeleye Span
Steeleye Span
Buachaillín Deas Óg Mé
Reels [The Parlour]

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Steeleye Span Videos

Steeleye Span
Steeleye Span
Seven Hundred Elves
Terry Pratchett
"Wintersmith" Trailer

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The Strawbs Videos

Down By The Sea and The River

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Ten Strings And A Goat Skin Videos

Ten Strings And A Goat Skin
The Night They Moved The House

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Les Tireux d'Roches Videos

Les Tireux d'Roches
Les Tireux d'Roches
Oh Mémé /
On sera pas jeune toujours
(Official Video)

Sylvia Tyson Videos

Trucker's Cafe
You Were On My Mind
Ian & Sylvia

Vishtèn Videos

47 Upper Hillsborough
Va T'assir

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Jerry Jeff Walker Videos

Down in Belize
Mr. Bojangles

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The Young'uns Videos

The Young'uns
The Young'uns
The Streets of Lahore
You Won't Find Me
on Benefits Street

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Goitse to Tour Western Canada in 2017 (December 21, 2015)

JMI Signs the UK's Young'uns (December 17, 2015)

De Danann to tour Canada in March, 2016 (December 15, 2015)

Ten Strings And A Goat Skin Jump into 2016 (December 14, 2015)

Gordie MacKeeman Europe's Second Most Popular Festival Act (December 5, 2015)

Coig to Tour Western Canada in the New Year (December 5, 2015)

A Quartette Christmas Available for Western Canada in December, 2016 (November 30, 2015)

Remembering Ron Hynes (November 22, 2015)

Guy Davis Headed for the Maritimes (November 9, 2015)

Guy Davis Brings the Blues to Young Audiences Around the World (November 3, 2015)

Ray Bonneville Available with Band for 2016 Summer Festivals (November 2, 2015)

Canadian Music Mogul Bernie Finkelstein Available for Speaking Engagements Next October (October 30, 2015)

JMI Signs Ireland's Skipper's Alley (October 27, 2015)

JMI Signs PEI's Ten Strings And A Goat Skin (October 13, 2015)

Moulettes Reflect on their First Trip to Canada (October 10, 2015)

Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys tour the Maritimes in October to promote new album (October 10, 2015)

A Còig Christmas to Tour the Maritimes and Ontario in December of 2016 (October 9, 2015)

Cape Breton's Còig to Tour the Maritimes in November (October 4, 2015)

Guy Davis Releases Kokomo Kid, Makes the Cover of Living Blues (October 4, 2015)

Quartette Christmas Headed fo Ontario and the Prairies (October 4, 2015)

Guy Davis Heading Back to Western Canada Next Fall (October 3, 2015)

Ray Bonneville Touring Quebec & Ontario in October of 2015 (September 30, 2015)

Vishtèn to Launch Terre Rouge in PEI & NB (September 28, 2015)

Gordie MacKeeman and Vishtèn Double Bill Touring the Maritimes in October (September 23, 2015)

Gordie MacKeeman Headed Back Out West in November (September 22, 2015)

Gordie MacKeeman Performing Three Ontario Dates (September 21, 2015)

Moulettes Coming to Canada! (September 16, 2015)

Former John Lennon Bandmate and close Friend to Tour Around Beatle's 75th Birthday (August 29, 2015)

Maddy Prior & Maggie Bell Interviewed by Holger Peterson (August 22, 2015)

Guy Davis in Movie with Leon Robinson (July 31, 2015)

Guy Davis to Tour Canada's Far North (July 30, 2015)

Les Tireux d'Roches Tour Atlantic Canada in 2017 (July 26, 2015)

Les Tireux d'Roches seront en tournée dans les provinces atlantiques en 2017 (26 juillet, 2015)

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